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Exploitation of the scientific research results, including the EyesWeb technology, to artistic projects

  • "Open Closed Open" – Artist Talk in German und English. Awarded the first DAGESH Art Prize, Jewish Museum Berlin 2019.
  • "TranshumanExpression" – when art and technology meet
  • EU FET11 Closing Performance "TanGO Touching Music" (flyer, poster), Budapest, 6 May 2011. Interactive dance and music performance to explain scientific research on non-verbal emotional and social communication (EU ICT FET Project SIEMPRE).
  • "Invisible Line" interactive networked performance, music Andrea Cera, in collab. with Ircam - Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2009 and 2010 (EU Project Culture 2007 CoMeDiA). [info PDF]
  • Euphonia Project (spring 2008) - [info PDF]
  • "Allegro con Moto II" (2007-2008) - [info PDF]
  • "Ritratti" in collaboration with GOG (december 2007) - [info PDF ]
  • "Paganiniana" (2007) [info program]
  • Premio Paganini 2006. Concert/experiment, september 28 2006)
  • "Allegro con Moto e Flauti Magici" (2006)
  • La Biennale di Venezia, Festival di Musica Contemporanea, Sept. 2005, "Un Avatar del Diavolo", Music Roberto Doati. Interactive technologies development by Casa Paganini - InfoMus, May-Sept. 2005.
  • Final Concerts at NYU Summer Program 2003, 2004, 2005 on music, dance and new technologies, Genova.
  • Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, concert "Allegoria dell'opinione verbale", music Roberto Doati, Concert Season of Theatre La Fenice, September 2001, and Opera House Carlo Felice, Genova, March, 2002.
  • Opera House Carlo Felice, Concert Season 1999-2000, Scrjabin "Promethee", September 18th, 1999: hardware and software design for the "light keyboard".
  • Salzburg Festval 1999, opening opera by Luciano Berio, "Cronaca del Luogo", July-August 1999.
  • Mittelfest, Cividale del Friuli, concert, Roberto Fabbriciani and Alvise Vidolin, July 1998.
  • Teatro alla Scala, Milano, opera "Outis", Luciano Berio, Milan, October 1996 and September 1999; and Opera in Paris, November 1999.
  • Multimedia Concert, Auditorium Montale, Opera House Carlo Felice, Genova: interactive dance performance and robot-human interaction, 1998, at First International KANSEI Workshop.
  • Scientific research results are presented each year in scientific performances, workshops, and Laboratories at the Festival della Scienza of Genoa. [info PDF]