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e-mail: andy dot malo at gmail dot com

Andrea Cera is an Italian electroacoustic composer and sound designer. Cera graduated with MA degree (Diploma) in Piano and Music Composition at the Conservatorio Cesare Pollini in Padova (Italy). He studied computer music at the Annual Programme of Composition and Musical Computing 1997/1998 at IRCAM, in Paris.
He has collaborated with several research projects with IRCAM (Paris), InfoMus Research Centre / University of Genova, Optis/Ansys (Aix), NOTAM (Oslo), Integra Project, Phonotonic (Paris).
Since 2000, Cera has worked with several dance and theatre companies, including Hervé Robbe, Ricci/Forte, Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Francesca Foscarini, Pascal Montrouge, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo.
Since 2009, he works with Renault and a research team in sound perception and design (Ircam/SPD), for a series of sound signatures for electric vehicles.
In 2018 he received a nomination at the International Sound Awards for the sound design of Renault Symbioz, an electric concept car.

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